Mine is not an ordinary resume or CV. Here’s the dime tour.

Born Cinqo de Mayo, 1966 in Cortland, New York.  Grew up in Cortland, Nichols, and the town of Skaneateles, NY near Syracuse.


Attended University of Rochester (course of study: Electrical Engineering), State University of New York at Plattsburgh (courses of study: Environmental Science, Geography, and Philosophy), and New College of California. BA Humanities, MA Writing. Additional studies in Finance, St. Bonaventure University.

Work Experience:

Nurseryman, Electrician, Chef

New York State Civil Service: Taxpayer Assistant (Legal assistance in Sales and Use Tax and Withholding Tax), Principal Accounts Clerk (Chief Fiscal Officer for individual facilities in New York State Department of Correctional Services, New York State Division For Youth)

Art Gallery Manager

Program Representative and Instructor–English Language Program, UC Berkeley Ext.,

Building Trades Laborer,

Author, Travel Writer/Photographer,

Ecoliteracy Consultant (Basic Ecology), Early Education Dept. SF Unified School District.



Life Experience:

Varied and interesting.

Lived all over New York State–Cortland, Nichols, Skaneateles (near Syracuse), Rochester, Plattsburgh, Albany, Brooklyn, Salamanca (Seneca Nation Reservation).

Moved to San Francisco to follow my college sweetheart, Kim, who was here first, in 1996. Married Y2K. Lived in the Inner Sunset, the Presidio, and bought a house in the Outer Sunset in 2006. Had a son, Finn, in 2007.

Well-traveled: 48 contiguous US states +Hawaii, Quebec and Ontario, Europe and Eastern Europe, Chile.

Well-read: yes.

Well-mannered: usually.

Pets: Raccoon Tabby Cat named Rox, American Rabbit named Pumpkin, Painted Turtle named Turtle (adopted from a Preschool—that’s what they called him), and a Veiltale male Betta with no name.


Many.  Running (7 consecutive SF Marathons), Surfing (boot camp at Ocean Beach), Biking, Basketball (CYO coach).  Gardening (busman’s holiday).  Others.

Volunteer Activities:

USGS fieldwork (ground truthing). Trail maintenance. Community Gardens. School Gardens. National Parks Service Interpretation, Parks Conservancy GGNRA. Sunset Elementary School Green Schoolyard. Friends of the Urban Forest Sidewalk Gardens, Habitat Restoration Redwood Creek, Environmental Education–Docent, Green Gulch.  Running for San Francisco Board of Supervisors, District 4 (write-in Candidate 2013, Now on the ballot). SF Green Party County Council Member (elected), Former Green Party of California Coordinating Committee Member. Director, San Francisco Watershed Protection Alliance.

“He is working to bring the “local” aspect back to our big city’s government. He is continuing the American tradition of the little man fighting for a better tomorrow, and for justice to prevail in a place that’s allowing small stake holders no voice. San Francisco and District 4 will be represented by a true Sunset District citizen when he wins. No more political appointees for our Supervisor. Democracy can prevail. A voice for people!”
— Cary Sunshine, Registered Nurse