Voter Guide Candidate's Statement of Qualifications

As your Supervisor, I’ll bring a lifetime of work experience—as a civil servant, educator, husband, and father of a son in our public school system—to the job. Being your representative in city government will be my only job. I will work for you and your family, NOT SPECIAL INTERESTS.

I will Prioritize ACCOUNTABILITY:

Create formal District-wide councils with monthly meetings.

Keep my office open, transparent, and RESPONSIVE.

Help Maintain our Neighborhoods (Housing and Businesses):

Stop City Hall’s sell-out of our neighborhood. In the past 6 years, 1/3 of our neighbors have left town and neighborhood businesses have shut down. Shuttered storefronts, homes sold/rented/sold again. This destabilization should end.

Legislate a vacancy tax, a tax on out-of-town ownership, true disclosures on real estate transactions.

Do everything I can to preserve local businesses and keep neighborhoods intact.

Work to Fix our broken Transportation system:

Put back our stolen train stops and buses.

Protect public roads and sidewalks from overuse by ride-shares, luxury buses, electric bikes and scooters, wasteful city projects.

Protect our Neighborhood:

Oppose wasteful, massive, ugly development projects that feed developer greed and wreck Neighborhood aesthetics.

Oppose corporate marijuana dispensaries.

Protect our Coastal Zone.