Values-Oriented Leadership

Values-Oriented Leadership

Our municipal elections are, by law, non-partisan affairs. No party affiliation appears next to names on the ballot. However, our “non-partisan” elections are famously not so. Elite special interests pour millions of dollars into the war chests of their preferred candidates each election cycle. These donors become the proprietors and elected officials are beholden to them.

I have no corporate party allegiance. I do not aspire to become a career politician. I do wish to inspire those who have chosen public service to do better work for their constituents. I also wish that the next generation of political leaders find their place in a transmogrified workplace—where consent of the governed is a given requirement rather than given mere lip service.

I will consistently make decisions based upon and craft legislation in accordance with Key Values I hold. You may recognize these values as ones we share, as San Francisco Values, and cast your vote for me. If you do not, you may find enough of your own core ideology in them to consider voting for me, rather than for a candidate appointed by the plutocratic interests that have long directed City government.

Key Values:

Grassroots Democracy

Social Justice and Equal Opportunity

Ecological Wisdom



Community-Based Economics and Economic Justice

Feminism and Gender Equality

Respect for Diversity

Personal and Global Responsibility

Future Focus and Sustainability