Environmental Stewardship

Environmental Stewardship

As an unpaid activist, many of my activities have focused on environmental justice. Environmental justice is inseparable from social justice. We’ve learned that lesson the hard way as we now are home (at the Shipyards and Treasure Island) to the largest ecofraud in US history. Our friends and fellow San Franciscans have suffered from the negligence of career-oriented politicians and appointees.

As District 4 Supervisor, I will fight for Coastal Zone protections.

I will legislate to increase permeable surfaces to reduce runoff and combined sewer overflows to save taxpayers the expense of having to pay heavy fines to the EPA and California Water Board.

I will act to stop the introduction of SF groundwater into the potable supply. Bioremediation on the wells needs to be done. Filtration/detoxification and testing of groundwater by an independent lab needs to happen prior to its introduction into the city’s drinking water.

I will advocate for projects that put good groundwater to use for irrigation with clean power (windmills, solar).

I will legislate to remove all toxic turf immediately. As other cities have, I will take action to ban toxic waste tire products on the cities ballfields, play surfaces, and playgrounds.

I will protect our greenways and green open spaces from the predatory practices of privateers. I will continue to urge the City to discontinue the use of hazardous pesticides and herbicides in our commons. If I have to write a law to do that, due to managerial intransigence and incompetence in failing to follow the precautionary principle that the City abides by, I will.

As I have time and time again, I will also speak for the trees. We need to stop the clear-cutting of trees by serial tree killers and restore the understory of our parks that’s been destroyed at the whim of those who mismanage city departments.