As your elected representative for the Board of Supervisors, I will set a high bar for myself and my staff of legislative aides. Being your local representative in city government will be my only job. I will not head a venture capital firm, pursue a law degree, or study to pass the Bar Exam.

My door will be open to you and we will answer the phone during regular business hours.

Grassroots Democracy means inviting participation in government.

I will create formal councils throughout the District and convene monthly meetings. At those meetings, we will discuss those issues that matter to us and work together to maintain and improve our quality of life.

My staff and I will listen, advise, and be a liaison for you to assist in navigating various city departments.

I will publish my policy positions on matters before the Board of Supervisors. You will know in advance what is happening, when it is happening, and why it is happening. If you have concerns, I’ll hear them. If I hear enough reasonable concerns or even a few very well-justified ones, I’ll stand corrected and vote or act accordingly, as long as I can live with myself as one who acts according to Key Values.

As I said, my door will be open to you. You’ll be shown courtesy and respect. Lobbyists working for the elite special interests that threaten to utterly destroy Our City will be shown the door. I won’t meet with them. My calendar will be published in advance and meeting notes will be available for public inspection. I will aim for complete transparency. I will not make deals. There will be no surprises.